Retro design trends that emerged in line with consumer expectations have a special place in terms of being based on experiences among the unlimited options inherent in design. Retro design, which can generally be expressed as the use of elements from the past together with modern design elements, emphasizes the feeling of nostalgia in the product. In addition, retro elements preserve cultural vitality by allowing the reuse of a society's values with modern touches. In this method, which offers flexibility in the production of original and distinctive designs, geometric patterns belonging to cultural and historical values are highlighted. Surface designs that embody an identity in product design are not limited to being a unique touch to the product, but also contribute to the visibility of a culture and history. In this study, it was aimed to use traditional geometric patterns bearing traces of the glorious Anatolian history as a retro design element, and in this context, the geometric patterns on the gate of the Bursa Green Mosque, which is the early Ottoman architecture, were analyzed and their use in the surface designs of industrial products was ensured. For this purpose, the drawing process of the historical pattern on the entrance door of Bursa Green Mosque is shown step by step and the method of obtaining the pattern is revealed in steps. The gained pattern was applied to sample products with online modeling tools, thus the retro effect of geometric patterns on products with modern forms was evaluated. The infinite length of many units coming together and the unlimited freedom provided by different color combinations enable the flexible use of these patterns in industrial products. As a result, it is envisaged that historical geometric patterns can be used in the process of developing original and aesthetic products, thus producing products with high competitiveness and identity. It is evaluated that these products can also be valuable components in keeping Anatolian history and culture alive.


Product design, Retro design, Geometric pattern