Plagiarism Detection

The similarity "plagiarism" report of the candidate article should be received and uploaded to the system during the application. (The study should be reviewed with one of the similarity programs such as Turnitin or iThenticate, the similarity rate should not exceed 20%).

The publication right of the published work belongs to the journal. All ethical responsibility of the published work belongs to the author (s). Authors take full responsibility for copyright infringement, plagiarism or other violations.

Evaluating the reviewed articles with "Blind Reviewing" for objective and independent review increases the quality of publication and provides confidence. For this reason, the principle of double-blind reviewing is applied in the article evaluation process in our journal. In our journal, the author (s) and reviewers cannot directly contact the articles in the process of review. Evaluations and comments of reviewers are carried out through the journal management system. The opinions of the reviewers on the evaluation forms and the article text are delivered to the editors by the editor. The editors should follow up that the reviewers complete the evaluation process objectively, independently and ethically.