The aim of the study is to assess the preference of the Education Inspectorate according to the selection, appointment and replacement arrangements included in the renewed Education Inspectors Regulation, based on the views of the education inspectors. The quality of research is in the method of research and in the case model. The study's working group consists of Educational Inspectors in 11 different provinces of Turkey. The data was solved using the content analysis method. As a result of the study, the educational inspectors are of the opinion that, in connection with the publication of the Regulation on the Selection, Appointment and Replacement of Educational Inspectors in 2022, the education inspectorate is not preferred, especially for reasons of job dissatisfaction such as ownership rights and excessive workload, professional reputation and motivation, and that the profession will not become attractive unless the economic conditions are corrected. They noted, however, that in terms of election, attention should be paid to the admissions process through interviews, and that the interviews should be conducted on the basis of supra-political and fair electoral criteria. They pointed out that the education inspectorate has a positive view of admission outside the field of education and that graduates in the area of Education Management and Supervision should be given priority in the examination. They stressed that rotation must be implemented, but it should be done in accordance with certain conditions. With regard to the new regulation issued by the training inspectors, proposals have been made, such as changing the design, providing an independent working environment, improving upbringing activities and ensuring a standard in supervision.


Educational supervision, education inspector, selection, appointment, preferability