Children and families constitute the closest and most important emotional bond within society. Holiday experiences with families contribute to children’s physical and emotional development and social and emotional intelligence. This study aims to reveal the views of children in Turkey on the family tourism experience. At the same time, this study tries to show which activities children enjoy most during tourism experiences with their families as children. The study was conducted face-to-face using the qualitative research method. Interviews with 14 students aged 11-12 about family holidays and their experiences with the drawing technique were investigated. With the drawing technique, children tried to reflect on their experiences on holiday with their imagination and creativity. At the same time, the ideas that were not attempted to be revealed through the drawing technique were expanded with semi-structured interview questions. The data was collected in a classroom environment in June 2021. When the results are examined, it is revealed that these experiences are generally carried out with the nuclear family. Children also emphasize the unity of the family and the variety of physical activities in their holiday experiences. Animals, nature, and sea views are among the attractions that children highlight during their holiday experiences. Apart from this, the work seen and the meals eaten are also seen as necessary in the holiday experience by children. This study, conducted with children who are the tourists of today and the future, contains essential tips for tourism marketing regarding family tourism in Turkey. This study is one of the few studies that touch on the family tourism experience with the drawing technique in Turkey. Some theoretical and practical suggestions have been presented to expand the family tourism market, to see what activities children enjoy and how these activities are evaluated in terms of the sector. The study was conducted specifically in Gemlik and has some limitations.


Family Tourism, Tourism Experience, School Age, Photo-Elicitation Interviews