Migration movements, which started in the mid-1980s and continued as asylum seekers and refugees until 2001, later became irregular and led to the emergence of irregular migration. Reflections of migration movements are cultural, political, economic, etc. comes to the fore with its dimensions. Apart from the reasons that cause migration, it also creates various effects on source, transit and destination countries. Migration waves towards destination or transit countries occur, especially with irregular and unregistered migrations. Various sources act as intermediaries in the formation of these migration waves. In this context, it is seen that migration has turned into a business and the irregular migration industry has become an important part of migration. Migration mobility is a social phenomenon that is frequently mentioned in various literatures and in the film/series industry. In this context, in this study, the movie "The Swimmers", which is an example of the cinema reflection of the Syrian civil war, which started in 2011 and caused intense irregular migration in the following years, will be examined. In this review, the reasons why people turn to migration, their experiences and difficult struggles during the migration process will be included, and the concepts of migration and migration will be discussed through the images in the film. As stated in the movie, in the process of human trafficking and irregular migration, illegal border violations and smugglers and collaborators who act as intermediaries in this violation are involved. Therefore, migration, especially on an international scale, expands its networks through illegal immigration and globalization, and it is noteworthy that these concepts are frequently discussed in the film. It can be seen that Turkey's migration mobility, rather than being more outward-oriented, is now turning into a country that receives immigrants, and that the wide border and political reasons in neighboring countries are effective. Turkey, which is seen as a transit country both within the country and internationally, has also become a country where irregular migration and human trafficking are intensely experienced. Irregular migration cannot be prevented due to the inadequacy of the measures taken. For this reason, in this study, the phenomenon of migration, which we encounter in different ways in every period, and the transformation of migration into an industry through irregular migration, which is one of the types of migration, and migrations in transit as settlements, migration trade and the movie will be analyzed through the film;  "The Swimmers", which is about migration.


Immigration, Irregular migration, Immigrant Networks