It is important to investigate the future expectations of young people and to reveal the quantity of education and training programs. This research, it is aimed to reveal the thoughts of the music department students about the field they receive education and their expectations about the future. The research was carried out in the phenomenology design, which is one of the qualitative research designs. The study group of the research is 25 students studying at Çankırı Karatekin University, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Department of Music in the spring semester of the 2022-2023 academic year. The opinions of the students in the research were collected with a semi-structured interview form, and the analysis of the obtained data was done with the content analysis method. According to some results obtained as a result of the research, some of the undergraduate students who made up the study group chose the music technology program consciously and willingly, while some of the students determined their preferences according to compulsory, economic, or social conditions. While determining their professional goals, the students within the scope of the research care about their economic conditions, personal preferences, and the guidance of their families. The future expectations of students are in professional, social, and personal dimensions. Regarding professional expectations, students mostly want to be music teachers and do not want to practice a profession in the field they graduated from. In order for young people to internalize the profession they are educated in, it is recommended that they make their choice of profession in line with their personal desires and skills, taking into account the social and economic conditions of the country they live in.


Expectation, career choice, music department, music education