Compassion fatigue is a concept used to express the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue after a while in people who constantly give emotional support or empathy to others. It is a situation especially seen in caregivers such as health workers and social workers. The nursing profession in general has characteristics such as busy working hours, constant interaction with patients, and emotional difficulties, which increase the likelihood that nurses will experience compassion fatigue and work stress. In addition, the stress and fatigue experienced also affect the happiness of nurses at work. This study was conducted to measure the effect of compassion fatigue on job stress and job stress on happiness at work. The study was carried out with the participation of 237 nurses working in a state hospital operating in Izmir. In the research; The short version of the Compassion Fatigue Scale, the Work Stress Scale, and the Happiness at Work scale were used. Correlation and regression analysis were performed using SPSS 27 and AMOS 22 programs to determine the relationships of the variables. According to the results of the analysis; It has been determined that compassion fatigue has a positive effect on work stress. When nurses experience compassion fatigue, they also tend to experience intense work stress. In addition, it has been determined that job stress has a negative effect on happiness at work. Nurses state that they are less happy at work when they experience job stress. Nurses have great responsibilities in increasing the efficiency and quality of patient care in health institutions. Thus, creating a healthy working environment for nurses, providing support, and meeting their emotional needs; it contributes to the increase of their happiness at work and therefore to the improvement of the quality of patient care. Working, which is one of the most basic institutions of the country, emphasizes the issue of increasing administrative activities in health institutions and offers suggestions to health managers and researchers.


Merhamet Yorgunluğu, İş Stresi, İşte Mutluluk, Hemşireler