In recent years, bicycle tourism is a developing tourism activity that tourists prefer nature, respectful to nature. Sakarya is an important tourism destination with its natural, historical and cultural values. It is important that Sakarya develops its potential and tourism diversity in terms of tourism in the field of cycling tourism in order to provide economic benefit. Since bicycle tourism activities have positive effects on human health, an important opportunity for Sakarya emerges in terms of sustainable tourism activities. The aim of the study within the scope of the evaluation of the opportunity is to create various suggestions to determine the potential of Sakarya's bicycle tourism and to evaluate this potential. In line with the purpose of the study, it is planned to conduct literature examination on bicycle tourism and data collection. Qualitative research method was used in the collection of the data of the study, and face -to -face interviews were held with the participants using semi -structured questionnaires created by the researcher. As a result of the analysis of the data obtained from the participants; Two factors were found in Sakarya's current situation in bicycle tourism and its potential. In addition to positive situations and evaluations about the current situation of bicycle tourism in Sakarya, the deficiencies identified are also stated by the participants. Regarding the suitability of Sakarya in terms of bicycle tourism, physical opportunities and regions where bicycle tourism can be realized have been revealed. As a result of the research, Sakarya has an important potential in terms of bicycle tourism, studies have been put forward in terms of the evaluation of the potential and the opinions were made to evaluate and develop the potential. As a result of the opinions received and the analysis of the data obtained, various suggestions were made to those who will do research and bicycle tourism stakeholders.


Cycling, Cycling Tourism, Sakarya,