The purpose of this research is to examine primary school teachers' attitudes towards environmental problems and their environmental sensitivities. Scanning model was used in the research. Environmental attitude and environmental sensitivity behavior scales were applied to 100 Classroom teachers working in the Classroom Teaching branch in all school/institution types operating in Kastamonu city center in 2019-2020. Teachers' environmental awareness behaviors and attitudes towards environmental problems were determined and their differences according to years of seniority, age and gender were investigated. When the research findings are examined; It was determined that primary school teachers showed environmental attitude behavior, but it did not depend on demographic characteristics such as gender, age and seniority. According to the results of this research, environmental sensitivity behavior does not differ according to gender. It has been reported in the literature that environmental sensitivity behavior increases with increasing age. Since the years of seniority and age are directly related, they are considered together. With the advancing age, people's experiences increase, and their knowledge, experience and experiences about the environment increase. Environmental problems are perceived as a new issue for young people, and it can be said that the sensitivity increases with increasing age, internalizing the problem as a more serious and long-term issue. It was determined that all teachers participating in the study had a positive attitude towards environmental problems and a high degree of environmentally sensitive behavior. It has been determined that environmental attitude does not depend on demographic characteristics, and environmental sensitive behavior differs according to age and seniority. In order to eliminate the differences in the attitudes and behaviors of classroom teachers towards the environment, training on environmental attitudes and behaviors regardless of gender, seniority and age, workshops, seminars. It is recommended to support their participation in the symposiums.


Environment, environmental perception ,environmental awareness, teachers, environmental education