In the study, in order to determine the actuality of the studies on visualization within the scope of mathematics education in Turkey between the years 2017-2022, content analysis was performed and the studies were examined. In the study, document analysis from the qualitative research method was used as a research method. The data were collected in the form of documents through a literature review, and the content analysis method was used in the analysis. In this study, the year in which the studies on visualization were published, the research groups, research methods, how data is collected, analysis of data, the titles of the academicians who carried out the study, and the data obtained from the institutes where the studies were published were compiled by preparing graphs and tables. Frequency and percentage calculations were made and the findings were obtained. It is seen that the studies on visualization in the field of mathematics education show an abnormal flow in the form of increasing for one period and decreasing for another period. In the study groups, it is seen that it is mostly done with pre-service teachers and secondary school groups, and at least in the pre-school period. In the research method preference, it is seen that qualitative research is done mostly and mixed method is the least used. In the research methods used, it is seen that the most case studies come from the qualitative studies and the most experimental research methods come from the quantitative studies. As a data collection tool, it was determined that scale was used the most in quantitative studies and interviews were used the most in qualitative studies. In the analysis of the studies, it is seen that the t-test is mostly used in quantitative studies and content analysis is mostly used in qualitative studies. Based on the studies, it is seen that there is a lot of emphasis on spatial skills. As the title of the academician who carried out the study indicates, the people with the title of Professor Doctor are the most. In the institutes where master's and doctoral theses are published, it is seen that the Institute of Science is the most. As a result, it has been determined that the increase in studies on visualization in terms of contributing to student success will provide better learning. It is recommended to include more visualization approaches in lessons and to conduct research on visualization in concretizing abstract mathematical concepts.


Mathematics education, visualization, spatial skills.