Change continues to operate as an ongoing process since the day humanity came into existence. Today's living conditions are also updated in the context of people's needs and interests. Within the process of this change, social studies teaching programs have felt the need to be updated according to today's conditions. In this context, legal literacy, which is one of the skills of the social studies curriculum, has become a concept that modern democratic state citizens should internalize. Democratic states aim to make the curriculum functional for the purpose of individuals who know the processes integrated with democracy. It has become important for teachers who are practitioners of educational programs to assimilate the program and provide legal literacy skills to individuals. In this context, it is required that social studies teachers be competent in the teaching of direct, indirect subjects and achievements related to the legal literacy skills included in the curriculum. In the research, conceptual knowledge of social studies teachers' legal literacy skills, program dominance, legal literacy and citizenship relationship, characteristics of a legally literate individual, expectations of the curriculum from a legally literate individual, the level of realization of citizenship goals of legal literacy were questioned. This research aimed to reveal the awareness levels of teachers about the legal literacy skills included in the 2018 social studies curriculum. In this research, qualitative research method and case study design were used. The working group consists of 12 social studies teachers working in Aksaray province in the 2022-2023 academic year. Relevant social studies teachers work in public schools of the Ministry of National Education. The criterion sampling strategy of the non-selective objective sample was used in the research. The data obtained in the study were analyzed by descriptive content analysis method. In the research, it was concluded that the level of awareness of social studies teachers about legal literacy skills is sufficient, teachers dominate the curriculum, legal literacy skills are related to citizenship, legal literacy skills have a role in realizing citizenship goals, there is no direct acquisition of legal literacy skills in the curriculum.


Skill, legal literacy, social studies curriculum.