In this study, it is aimed to examine the behaviors of primary school administrators regarding their technological leadership during the COVID-19 process. The research was carried out with a case study under the umbrella of qualitative research. The universe of the research consists of primary school administrators working in public schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education in Konya. The sample consists of 24 primary school administrators working in state schools in Karatay district, who want to voluntarily participate in the study selected by the easily accessible sampling method. A semi-structured interview form developed by Turan (2020) was used as a data collection tool. The data were collected through 24 primary school administrators working in the Karatay district of Konya province within the scope of the research in the 2021-2022 academic year. The collected data were processed by content analysis method in qualitative research, in the form of deductive generation of codes over predetermined themes. According to the research results; 1- Participating in distance education, ensuring the continuation of education and training activities with distance education, and supporting the technological leadership of teachers were among the primary goals that primary school administrators set for managing distance education through educational technologies during the COVID-19 process. 2- In the COVID-19 process, the financial difficulties of families, the inadequacy of internet connection and infrastructure, and the inadequacy of technological devices at home are the leading factors that prevent them from achieving the goals they have determined to manage distance education through educational technologies. 3- It has been stated that during the COVID-19 process, primary school administrators ensured the use of the school's facilities regarding the support provided to teachers and students in the use of technology, providing training to teachers, helping them, and directing them to EBA support points. 4- It has been stated that during the COVID-19 Process, primary school administrators benefited from philanthropists and parents' help to ensure equality of students' access to technological resources in accessing distance education, they benefited from the school's facilities, and they also provided guidance to EBA support points. 5- It was stated that during the COVID-19 process, primary school administrators cooperated with parents to enable students to participate in distance education, by communicating via the internet and social media, by making phone calls and communicating via SMS, and by making face-to-face meetings. 6- It has been stated that during the COVID-19 process, primary school administrators monitor the distance education process through EBA reports, by participating in Zoom and EBA live classes, by meeting with teachers, students and parents, and by checking the class book-lesson reports.


COVID 19, Primary School Administrators, Leadership, Technological Leadership, Distance Education