With the gender culture, people's "who am I?" The answers given to the question “I am a woman-I am a man” represent a social and historical identity. The answers given are about how the identity of femininity and masculinity is filled with a social and historical perspective. Here, we are talking about an identity/identities that change and continue to change culturally, historically and socially. When the subject is examined, romantic relationships; It can be considered as the interaction form of individuals who define themselves with the identity of femininity and masculinity. These romantic interactions in the public sphere have a quality that means much more than the feeling of closeness that both parties feel to each other. The fact that it is a process that starts and continues with close relationships in his life has brought about the need to explore the meanings that men and women ascribe to these relationships and the dynamics of these relationships in the process. The dynamics of initiating the relationship are based on mutual representation of the parties to each other and interpretation of the represented meaning. For this reason, the meanings at the beginning of the relationship are the most important critical stage in the beginning of the relationship. For this reason, romantic relationships are not a concept that can be explained only through the identity of masculinity or femininity. It is shaped by the different dynamics that form it. In this study, it is aimed to show that romantic relationships are a subject that should be examined with various dynamics. The research was designed as a qualitative research. The study group of the research was carried out with 12 couples (total of 24 people) who were in a romantic relationship and the interview questions prepared by the authors were directed to the participants. The analysis of the data, on the other hand, tried to discover the dynamics of romantic relationships by determining certain themes on the axis of certain interview questions. During the research, the effect of historical, cultural and social factors is clearly seen in this form of relationship. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the form of power between couples over each other in the context of romantic relationships. The main result of the research is that the love relationship is not an individual one, but a relationship of account/interest with social causes and consequences.


Cultural reproduction, domination, romantic relationship