Developments in information and technology alter not only individuals but also societies. Countries also make arrangements for their education policies to follow along this situation. All kinds of content which are suitable for all grade levels were prepared with the Education Information Network (EBA) applications, which started with the online social platform service in the 2012-2013 academic year in Turkey. There are lecture videos,interactive presentations,topic summary and test and evaluation tools among these contents.Wİth these materials it is aimed to foster pupils’ achievement and the quality of education. In this survey, the effects of EBA contents and the content of the 10 grade text book approved by the Ministery of National Education on pupils’ academic achievements were examined. Within this framework, applications related to the learning outcome“ Students associates the features of rocks with the formation processses of landforms.” (A.10.1. 2005) and (10.1.4. 2018) in the” Natural Systems” unit in the geography textbook (10th grade) were fulfilled. The research was designed based on the experimental design with pre test -post test control group , which is one of the quantitative research methods.The research was conducted with the 10th grade students of High School which is located in Ayaş, Ankara in 2017-2018 Academic year. 2 classes as an experiment (forty-five students) and 2 classes as a control group (forty-six students) among six 10th grade classes from a secondary education institution affiliated to the Ministry of National Education were randomly selected. The study group consisted of 91 students. “Topography and Rocks Achievement Test” which was developed by the researcher was utilized as a data collection tool. The KR-20 value of 34 items in the data collection tool was found to be 0.836. Data collection tool was applied to control and experimental groups as pretest and posttest. At the end of the research, it was determined that there was a significant difference between the pretest-posttest academic achievement scores of the pupils in the experimental group in which EBA supported education was carried out. In the study, it is recommended to foster the use of EBA in geography teaching and to improve the quality and quantity of course contents.


Geography, geography education, EBA, material, educational technologies