Suicide is defined as the realization of death after the act of one's own will. The situation where the action does not result in death is expressed as a suicide attempt. Suicide can be considered as a complex phenomenon with many dimensions, so it is not possible to analyze or understand suicides that occur for only one reason. All changes and transformations in the social structure affect the phenomenon of suicide and cause differentiation in its speed. The aim of this research is to describe the dimensions of suicide in Turkey by explaining suicide as a sociological phenomenon. For this purpose, sociological theories of suicide are evaluated and suicides in Turkey are discussed and examined by years, taking into account age, gender, educational status, marital status, reason for suicide, region and provinces in each region. Research is a secondary data analysis study, which is one of the methods of obtaining quantitative data. In the study, suicide statistics obtained from the data on death and cause of death in the Population and Demographics Database of TUIK were used. From data on suicides published up to 2021, eleven years of data between 2011 and 2021 were analyzed to assess the change over time. According to the results of the research, Suicide increases in young adulthood and adulthood, It is seen more in men than in women, there is no difference when this situation is evaluated in terms of year or region. Suicide is more common in married people than in single, divorced and widowed people. Suicide rate is more common in socially and economically developed regions and cities. The prevalence and situation of suicides in the society should be investigated by taking into account their social and demographic characteristics, covering wider time periods and including variables such as economic status, occupation and residence conditions. It is important and necessary to reach data on the causes of suicides, to understand the phenomenon of suicide, to evaluate its sociological dimension, and to do what can be done to solve the problem. Investigating the social determinants that cause suicide will facilitate intervention in the structure in which suicide is produced and prevent suicides.


Sociological phenomenon, suicide, sociological theories of suicide, suicide rate.