Changing life conditions have brought new developments and the need for online applications has increased. One of the areas where this need is felt is the field of psychological counseling and guidance (PCG), which is one of the areas of specialization where structured group practices called group guidance/group psychoeducation are carried out the most. The ease with which technology is offered to users, such as accessibility and accessibility, has allowed the work carried out by psychological counselors to be transferred to online environments. In this context, it seems important to have detailed information about online psychoeducation programs and to provide resources to experts who will work in the relevant field. The aim of the research is to evaluate the scientific reports on "online psychoeducational programs" between 2010-2022. In order to systematically examine the scientific reports made within the scope of the relevant years, the document review method was preferred. As a result of the systematic review carried out, it is seen that the number of studies conducted in Turkish and English is equal, with 65% of the scientific reports being made by female researchers. It was concluded that all of the scientific reports were made by the advisors with the title of professor, the most among the advisor titles of the scientific reports within the Institute of Educational Sciences and the Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling. It is seen that 55% of the scientific reports examined are in the type of articles, the most preferred type of research is quantitative research with 50%, when the research models are examined, it is seen that the experimental research model is used the most with 55%, and 38% of the research populations are universities. In the scientific reports examined, it was concluded that the sampling preference was random sampling with 38%, students were the data sources with 72%, scales were the most preferred data collection tools, and statistical analysis methods were the most preferred among the data analysis methods.


Online psychoeducation program, counselor, systematic analysis.