It is known that mathematics has an important effect on the development of science and technology. Identities, which are widely used in many branches of science, form the basis of some mathematics courses such as algebra. However, it appears as one of the learning areas of secondary school 7th grade mathematics and is seen as one of the difficult subjects to learn. The fact that there are many and abstract formulas about identities is difficult for students to remember. Therefore, visualization is important in teaching abstract concepts in a meaningful way and in associating concepts with daily life. Visualization is the use of mathematical and geometric symbols, shapes, diagrams, etc. to make something unseen imaginable. It is the drawing or showing of the shape and picture of an abstract concept with the help of pencil and computer. Visualization and visual proof are central to mathematics. The visualization approach is used in mathematics and mathematics education as a tool, not as a goal in the lessons. Identities are seen as one of the learning areas that we encounter in the solution of problems that we encounter in our daily lives and that are difficult to learn. In this direction, the visual proofs of the identities in R2 are shown in detail to the researchers thanks to the visualization approach, so that the algebraic identities can be learned more easily. Although identities are an important learning area in mathematics and algebra lessons, they are thought to be difficult to understand and learn by students. In line with this idea, students have difficulty in understanding identities as the visual models from which identities are obtained are not adequately expressed by the teachers and are not associated with daily life. For this reason, it is suggested by mathematics teachers that as a solution to this problem, visualizing abstract mathematical concepts in lessons or showing algebraic and visual proofs of some theorems may be beneficial. In this study, which was planned as a theoretical study, Within the scope of descriptive scanning model, document analysis technique was used. Visual proofs of basic algebraic identities are shown to researchers in detail by using geometric figures. In line with this purpose, some suggestions have been made to shed light on this issue for interested researchers.


Algebraic identities, visual proof, visualization