In the global age, where social, economic, scientific and technological developments accelerate, the relationship and constant interaction of different cultures with each other has also increased. As a result of these developments, the importance of respect and tolerance for differences becomes more important. Reflecting the differences in the educational environment and meeting them with respect and tolerance can be achieved through multicultural education. From this perspective, the importance of this subject and the number of studies on this subject are increasing. One of the most important benefits of postgraduate studies to the literature is that it presents solutions to researchers by presenting current developments, practices or deficiencies. In this respect, it is important for the literature to determine the tendencies in the theses on the subject of multicultural education, which is associated with various fields, especially in the field of social studies. In this context, the aim of the research is to analyze the graduate theses on the subject of multicultural education and to determine the general tendencies in theses. This research, in which the qualitative research method is used, is a descriptive content analysis study on the examination of graduate theses on multicultural education. Within the scope of the research, master's and doctoral theses on multicultural education, which are in the Thesis Database of the Council of Higher Education (CoHE), were examined. At this stage of the data collection process, detailed searches were carried out using the keyword "multicultural education" depending on the subject of the research, with the "advanced search" tab on the official website. The research covers the years 2009-2022. As a result of the research, it was seen that the postgraduate theses on the subject of multicultural education mostly consisted of master’s theses, and teachers were often preferred as the study group. According to the other results obtained from the research, it has been determined that the theses were prepared using quantitative methods in the field of education programs and teaching, mostly in 2019. It has been observed that the subjects of "attitude towards multicultural education" are mostly studied in master's and doctoral theses.


Social studies, multicultural education, master's thesis, doctoral thesis