The concept of value, which is an interdisciplinary and cumulative phenomenon, has different definitions specific to each discipline and each period. Tradition-custom, life, belief, etc. This concept, which includes many material and spiritual elements, can be described as a reflection of society.  Considering that the value perceptions of the individuals who compose the society will constitute the whole of the society's values, the issue of values education gains importance. One of the ways of giving values education in a planned and systematic way in early periods is children's literature products. In this context, it is important to examine children's literature products in terms of values education. The aim of the study is to examine the works written by Nazlı Eray for children in terms of values education. In line with the stated purpose, the accessible universe was preferred while determining the works that constitute the study object of the study. The Mystery of Frej Apartment, The Magical Beyoğlu (Two-Headed Topaç Villy), Night Flower Istanbul, Crow Feramuz's Love, I Loved an Insect, Crystal Octopus and Purple Pearl and Eyes That See and Ears that Hear were examined. Document analysis technique, one of the qualitative research methods, was used in the research. While the works discussed in the study were examined in terms of values, the “justice, giving importance to family unity, independence, peace, scientificness, industriousness, solidarity, sensitivity, aesthetics, honesty, freedom, equality, love, respect, responsibility” included in the Social Studies Curriculum. , saving, patriotism and benevolence” values were taken as basis. As a result of the findings obtained from the study, Frej Apartment's Mystery 39, Enchanted Beyoğlu (Two-Headed Topaç Villy) 33, Night Flower Istanbul 36, Crow Feramuz's Love 51, I Loved an Insect 16, Crystal Octopus and Purple Pearl 29, Eyes That See and Ears That Hear 19 values were determined in his work. While the values of benevolence f(42), love f(37) and freedom f(32) are the most common values in the analyzed works, no findings related to the values of independence, peace and patriotism were encountered in the work.


Nazlı Eray, children's literature, value, values education.