In this study, it is aimed to determine the personal performance style of the bağlama master Ekrem Çelebi and to reveal the differences with the previous masters in this context. For this purpose, the study was completed in four stages. In the first stage of the research, a literature review was reviewed; in this context, the conceptual framework of the research was prepared through the titles Abdallar, Bozlak (the form of unmetered folk song) Mastery and Style by reaching the sources that can shed light on the subject. In the second stage of the research, a Bozlak that can reflect Ekrem Çelebi's performance style was selected among the Bozlaks belonging to the Central Anatolian Region. In this context, the Bozlak named "Ak Ellerin Sala Sala Gelen Yar", which was sung by the masters of the region, Çekiç Ali and Neşet Ertaş, was preferred due to its suitability for the research focus. In the third stage of the research, the performances of the "Ak Ellerin Sala Sala Gelen Yar", performed by Çekiç Ali and Neşet Ertaş, were compared with the performance of the same Bozlak by Ekrem Çelebi. In the comparisons, melody motifs, melody cores, rhythmic patterns, performance techniques and expression elements were examined. In the analysis of the data obtained as a result of the examination, the modal analysis methods of the systematic musicology discipline were used. In the modal analysis, the maqam melody core model, which was developed by Ertuğrul Bayraktarkatal, Okan Murat Öztürk and Cenk Güray and is widely accepted today as an alternative to the Arel system, is based. In the fourth and last stage of the research, the results of the research were written in the light of the data obtained from the analysis. Reflecting the musical culture in which he was raised and nurtured in his performance, Çelebi developed a unique performance style different from the performers in the region; In this direction, it has been seen that he uses long musical phrases that require technical performance skills (including hasty and dynamic structures) in his performances. This situation is thought to be decisive in the emergence of Ekrem Çelebi's unique performance style. Subsequently, the research was reported.


Abdallık Tradition, Bağlama, Bozlak, Master, Style, Ekrem Çelebi.