Relational energy is an organizational resource that positively affects the productivity of employees and that employees can store, reproduce and even use whenever they want. Although there has been an intense interest in the concept in the international literature recently, it has been observed that the number of publications in the national literature is limited. For this reason, the research aims to eliminate this deficiency and to introduce the Relational Energy Scale, which was developed by Owens, Baker, Sumpter and Cameron (2016) within the framework of social contagion theory, to the Turkish literature. Research data were collected from the personnel working in chain markets in Bandırma district of Balıkesir province between 02-27 December 2021. The sample of the research consists of the participants working in these markets with the convenience sampling method. In the translation process of the scale, the translation-back-translation procedure was followed to ensure both language and content compatibility. To ensure that the measurement tool is reliable, a pilot study was conducted on 35 participants and the scale was made ready for study. In the study, first of all, the validity and reliability analyzes of the scale were made. In validity studies, the original single-factor structure of the scale was tested with Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA), and whether the findings obtained from the data were compatible with the theoretical structure was tested with Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA). The internal consistency of the scale items was calculated by Cronbach's Alpha analysis and the combined reliability analysis, which is another reliability measurement method. As a result of the factor analysis, it was observed that when the scale, which originally consisted of five items and one factor, was adapted to Turkish, it consisted of five items and all items were combined under a single factor in the same way. As a result of confirmatory factor analysis, the model had high fit values ??(χ2/df=1.43; RMSEA=.04; RMR=.01; SRMR=.006; CFI=.99; NFI=.99; IFI=.99; RFI=.99). ; GFI=.99; AGFI=.96). The Cronbach's Alpha coefficient and combined reliability values ??of the scale were determined as .96. As a result of the analyzes, findings regarding the validity and reliability of the scale were obtained.


Energy, relational energy, reliability, validity, adaptation of scale.