Drowning in water is described to be obstructed the respiration with the result until a liquid area congest the mouth and ear and it goes to alveoli of lung as passing through the respiration ways. Although drowning is often preventable, it is the accidental deaths. According to the World Health Organization; 388,000 drowned worldwide per year. In Turkey average of 1000 people die by drowning. Drowning in water is the second cause of death after traffic accident within unnatural deaths. Drowning rates in water are more frequent in populated areas, in places with sea, lake or river. Deaths due to drowning affect all age groups and are usually seen in the young population, especially under the age of 30 years. In addition, men and children are at the forefront of drowning statistics. In the event of drowning in the water, the origin is frequently accidents and suicide related deaths occur in the second place. Accidental child drowning is usually caused by the fact that children are not under adult supervision. In this study; the 152 drowning event in water in Antalya province of Turkey between 2014-2015 have analysed retrospectively. In order to analyze numerical data in the research, it was analyzed with association rules, which is one of the data mining methods. Association rules are frequently used in the analysis of large numbers of data. Cases; Drowning incidents have been analysed in terms of gender, age, nationality, month, day of the week, drowning environment and suggestions were made to reduce the cases of drowning.


Drowning in water; autopsy; prevention of accidents