In today's world, nature is not sufficiently recognized by children, most of whom live in cities. One of the elements that undertake the task of introducing nature to children who do not have the chance to observe nature closely is books. Children's books are among the means by which the first acquaintance takes place in this process. The subject of nature, which is covered in children's books, which has many purposes such as educating children and providing them with a fun time, contributes to the development of nature consciousness and being sensitive to the environment. A nature problem in the book helps the child to develop problem-solving skills, to love nature and to gain awareness of nature, while also making him aware of what to do when faced with a possible situation. As a result of the literature review, it is seen that the subject of nature and environmental awareness are intensively discussed in different education levels, in children's books and in different disciplines. In this study, from Estonia to Japan; It is aimed to determine whether Summer Tales, translated and brought together by Tarık Demirkan from Finland to Turkey from all over the world, are suitable for the deep ecology approach. In the study, in which the document analysis method was adopted, the data obtained from Summer Tales were evaluated with descriptive analysis. The findings are composed of animals (quail- partridge, cow, bird), plant (flower, vegetable, tree), water, sky (sun, star, cloud), air (rain, wind) and others (season, day and night). collected in six categories. As a result; It has been determined that the Summer Tales examined in the study are designed appropriately for children and are suitable for the deep ecology approach in terms of content. It has been concluded that there are messages in the fairy tales that will enable the child to be conscious of nature and create awareness. In this respect, it would be beneficial for children to read the book. Other books in the series, compiled and translated by Tarık Demirkan and illustrated by Feridun Oral, are also recommended to be evaluated in the context of deep ecology.


 Summer Tales, nature, treatment of nature, child, children's books.