Concept maps are an alternative teaching technique used in many fields of science. It helps to learn by associating known concepts with newly learned concepts. As in most fields, it is important to learn the concepts specific to the field for the field of visual arts education. This research; It aims to reveal the effect of learning the basic concepts in the field of visual arts with the concept map technique on students. For this purpose, the research was carried out with 20 2nd year students (candidate visual arts teacher) studying at Giresun University, Department of Painting Education, who were selected as a deliberate (purposeful) sample. In the study, the action research model, one of the qualitative research methods, was used. The research was carried out in the form of the activity applied in three stages and the evaluation of these activities. 160 concepts related to Visual Arts were used in the activities. These concepts were arranged by the students by choosing one of the concept maps of spider web, fishbone, classification, chain of events. Research data consists of concept map evaluation forms. Findings were created by coding the data obtained from the answers of the forms with content analysis. According to the research findings; It was revealed that pre-service teachers provided gains about their fields, concept map technique and themselves. As a result, the concept map technique has been an experience that contributes to the learning of the concepts related to visual arts by pre-service teachers. It has been suggested to conduct different researches used in teaching the theoretical fields of the visual arts field of concept map technique and different techniques such as this.


Concept map, visual arts, art education