The Creative Cities Network (UCCN), created by UNESCO in 2004, was implemented with the aim of working in cultural diversity and unity of cities united in different countries and different cultural themes to produce projects. There are seven thematic areas in the network: literature, music, design, gastronomy, craft and folk arts, cinema/film and media arts. While the creation of creative cities is included in Turkey's 2023 targets, Gaziantep was the first city to join the network from Turkey with the theme of gastronomy. On a world basis, Edinburgh (United Kingdom) is the first city of creative literature. Kahramanmaraş is the first and only city in Turkey to apply to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network with a literary theme. Kahramanmaraş has been an ancient city and a key place throughout history due to its geographical location and being in the transition zone of different civilizations and cultures.In this study, information was given about the cities included in the UNESCO creative cities network through the theme of literature throughout the world, and the status of Kahramanmaraş's inclusion in the field of literature theme was examined. In the study, in order to evaluate Kahramanmaraş in the context of creative literature cities, a situation analysis was made by using document analysis, one of the qualitative research methods.The fact that Kahramanmaraş keeps the literary culture alive from the past to the present, In addition to poets such as Erdem Bayazıt, Akif İnan, Alaaddin Özdenören, Nuri Pakdil, Sezai Karakoç, Rasim Özdenören, Cahit Zarifoğlu and Necip Fazıl Kısakürek, who is expressed as a master, many other literary figures, literary journals, publishing activities, literary formations and Issues such as Maraş narratives have been identified as important elements for the city's participation in the network. At the same time, many elements such as the seven beautiful men literature museum in the city, international Poetry and literature days events, international book and culture fairs, literary magazines, literature cafe, Kahramanmaraş academy support this situation.It is thought that Kahramanmaraş's participation in the network of creative literature cities will provide the city with national and international recognition, will have positive effects on local development in economic terms, and will make significant contributions to the city's literary tourism.


Creative cities network, creative cities of literature, Kahramanmaraş.