In research, it is aimed to examination of teachers' attitudes towards values education. The mixed research method was used in the research. Descriptive sequential design was used from the mixed research designs. İn the research, first quantitative data were collected and then qualitative data were collected. The universe of the research is 8524 teachers working in Elazig in the academic year 2019-2020. The sample of the research in the quantitative level was composed of 525 teachers, 273 classroom teachers and 252 branch teachers who worked in Elazig province in 2019-2020 academic year. The sample of the research in the qualitative level was composed of 30 teachers determined among these teachers. In the research, firstly, "attitude scale towards values education" was applied. In the qualitative part of the research, a semistructured interview form was used. In the quantitative analysis of the data; frequency, percentage distributions, standard error, mean, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis values, reliability, independent groups t test and Single factor Anova were used. The data obtained from the research were analyzed with the statistical package SPSS 22.0. In the analysis of the interview data, content analysis was made. According to the findings of the research; There is no significant difference in teachers' attitudes towards values education according to age, professional branch, professional seniority and school type variable, ıt was determined that there was a significant difference according to the gender variable. In the qualitative part, the answers given by the teachers were gathered under six topics; culture, belief, love, respect, social rula, experience, tolerance, family, role model were transformed into various codes and suggestions were made at the end of the research findings.


Value, values education, attitude, class teacher, branch teacher.