The 21st century has become a watershed in realizing the importance of high-quality clinical programs in teacher preparation. The main purpose of this research was to determine teachers' mental images about the concept of clinical practice in teacher education via metaphors. This research was carried out with 71 teachers working at secondary schools, in the 2017-2018 academic year. The data were collected through an open-ended questionnaire named “A Form of Determination of Teachers’ Metaphors”. A phenomenology method which is a qualitative research method was used. Teachers explained the concept of clinical practice in terms of the importance of teacher education, the importance of collaboration among clinical teachers, clinical mentors and preservice teachers, feedbacks from clinical teachers to preservice teachers and the length of the training program via metaphors. The data were analyzed by content analysis. Related data were gathered; and the name of the category, the context of the category, and the frequency of usage were calculated for metaphors that reflect certain characteristic in each category. From the metaphors about clinical practice and the research field, it was inferred that participants perceived the field within a wide conjecture and interestingly projected its contributions to teacher education. It was seen that the majority of teacher support practical education in teacher training. They expressed their opinions about this issue through different metaphors.

Clinical Practice, Faculty-School Cooperation, Teacher Education Programs, Teaching Applications.