The existence of globalization concept and its influence on education encourages us to comparatively examine the teaching materials of different countries, especially textbooks. It is important to be able to look at textbooks on a universal scale. In this context, the materials such as textbooks used in different countries must be examined to improve the social studies education in our country and carry it to a better level. In this way, a number of important pieces information about the social studies education in the world will be obtained. The aim of a comparative study is to improve education. For this reason, comparative education not only examines the current situation but also suggests proposals for the future. The purpose of the research in this context is; to compare the contents of 6thgrade social studies textbooks taught in Turkey and in Guyana, to identify the similarities and differences and to provide new ideas regarding 6th-grade social studies book taught in our country and to enable the implementation of those ideas. The qualitative research method is used in the study. Sources and materials of the research constitute of the 6th-grade social studies textbook published by Sevgi Publishing in Turkey, in 2017 and the 6th-grade social studies textbook published by the ministry of education in Guyana, in 2004. The data are obtained by "document review" method. The Guyana 6th grade social studies textbook was translated into English by the researchers. Descriptive analysis method, which is a qualitative research method, is used in the analysis of data. As a result of the research, it is determined that the 6th-grade social studies books taught in Turkey and Guyana have both some similar and some different features, in terms of content. Based on the different features identified, it is thought that the events in different parts of the world should be included in the textbooks of social studies textbooks in our country.

Social studies, textbooks, Guyana, Turkey.