The development of the necessary skills and competencies of the human resource is one of the critical points for the creation, preservation and improvement of corporate value. Anadolu University's Scientific Research Project was conducted with the aim of making effective use of institutional resources, developing personnel and creating corporate value. Anadolu University, which is aware of the importance of core competence, is trying to make it one of its strengths institutionally. In this context Anadolu University Aeronautics and Astronautics Faculty is qualified to provide type training including Beech 90 Series, Socata TB Series, Cessna / Reims-Cessna 172 / F172 Series aircraft types. In this study, organizational risk analysis of Anadolu University Aircraft Type Education Authority has been tried to reveal the potential benefits and opportunities. From a modern point of view, risk is the inclusion of threats and / or opportunities that are likely to affect the achievement and development of the goals and corporate strategies of the business, the impact of a certain impact. The aviation sector is also a strategic issue in terms of qualified human resources as well as critical in terms of maintenance safety aspects. Sustainability and competitiveness of aircraft maintenance organizations, which are qualified, competent and motivated, and who have the human resources to use corporate resources effectively and efficiently as the desire and purpose for using the entire capacity in every business, are increasing. In this context, the university develops its related studies and strategies according to these assumptions. The study is presented as one of its concrete examples. Within the scope of the study, the studies related to the duration, the places and the fees of the related type trainings on the basis of the aircraft types are carried out. The results of this research show that the risk of the training of personnel to be trained in another organization are managed by saving serious man hours and the incompatibility and continuity of the work is ensured. At this point, it seems that risk management and strategic management are directly related and related to each other. Due to the scope and authenticity of the work it is anticipated that it may contribute to both the literature and the managers.

Anadolu University, Aircraft Type Training Authority,Human Resource Management