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The saint legend is a genre which tells the miracles shaping around saints. The works in which the saint legend the saint legend are collected named as “menakibname”. The saint legends that are read in the various meeting places and in dervish lodges have fascinated the heart of listeners for centuries. The main reasons in writing of saint legends are that training disciples and creating the unity of the religious sect. In addition to this, the important information about historical figures and historical events can be acquired from saint legends and the narratives of them can be based on the historical facts. One other importance of the saint legend is their contribution to cultural studies. Much information about sufist culture, social life, traditions and traditional life style can be reached through saint legends. The saint legend that is subjected in this essay, namely Menâkıb-ı Şa’bân-ı Velî, includes the narratives about Hz. Pîr Şeyh Şabân-ı Velî and his four caliphs who take his place after his death. Menakibname was written by fifth sheikh Ömer Fuâdî (1560-1636) in 1604. In this study, the mentioned saint legend is examined according to cultural element. The places, individuals, jobs and professions, goods, apparels, eating, folk medicine, economy, the concepts of time, metrology, social life, folk believes, features about culture of dervish lodge, proverbs and idioms, collocations and relation phrases, salutations, miracles motives and names are detected. Menâkıb-ı Şa’bân-ı Velî is a very important resource in general, for Turkish culture and in particular for the culture of Kastamonu during the 16th and 17th centuries. The dervish lodge that Sheikh Şabân-ı Velî takes place in the center, is understood from Menakibname that a very important place where needy people find solution for their sorrows and ill people find cure for their illnesses. Everyone was welcomed in the dervish lodge, it seems that not only Muslims but also non-muslims. Therefore the dervish lodge plays a uniting role and this role is remaining.
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Menâkıb-ı Şa’bân-ı Velî, Kastamonu, culture, 16th-17th centuries.

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