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Myths that reflects peoples moral values and accepted as real ands acred persist in peoples with it’s various elements, different beliefs and practices. Many elements exist together in Turkish Mythology but they do not exist neither randomly nor messy They are consecrated by divine elements and are limited by definite rules. These elements get feminine or masculine features according to subconscious thoughts of the society in which the myths live. It is believed that Umay is a guardian spirit protecting the women in pregnancy period, at the time of birth, after the birth till the child is a grown up from the every evil things of evil spirits. The role of protecting the children, mothers and families of Umay reversed in the historical development process and it has become damaging source of evil. Today it is seen that guardian spirits like Od Ana, Sarı Kız, Al Karısı which are percieved as there diferent entities are related to eachother and it is also seen that they are derivatives of Umay notion. Analogy of the applications and practices towards these four female guardian spirits also supports this opinion.

Turk Mythology, Mythology, Umay.

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