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The Köroğlu Epic is a monument that reflects the collective culture, history and folklore of the Turkish nation. It can be said that the first historical sheets of the Köroğlu Epic belongs to the period of cultural and political unity of Turks and that epic was later enriched epope during historical process. Köroğlu is an epic has reached the level of a universal encyclopedia in our corpus with qualifications as multi-dimensional historical fiction, geographical prevalence, variant and version diversity. With almost every version of Köroğlu legend, there are so many ethnic types of protagonists across the great hero Köroğlu (Arabs, Armenians, Jews , Kurds , Georgians, Lezgi, Europeans , Chinese and so on) and in these texts we can easily to see the depicted political, social and cultural relations. In this way, we can see the effects of these relations as an answer of ashiks, legend writers which shows us the reflection of Turkish opinion and collective unconscious. The pratogonist Armenian in this legend unfortunately depicted as cruel merchant, with fake identity, insinuating manner person like some other ethnic members in this legend. The background of the speech between Köroğlu and Armenian, the text make us a criticism of Armenian bad-behaves , the unjust enrichment on the road, religious differences and betrayal to the Turks. Köroğlu and Armenian versions and this epic narrative should be the subject of serious research. In this article, 1256/1839 dated Köroğlu-Armenian folksong received from a manuscript was transferred to Latin alphabet. Also in Köroğlu the Armenian pratogonist can be examined by using the other versions.
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Köroğlu, Armenian, Köroğlu Epic, Turkish folksong

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