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From the Shamanistic beliefs to this day, pomegranate is a fruit that is immortalized and sanctified by every nation is known as fruit of paradise. Sacred fruit pomegranate has found a living area as folk medicine, dye, food, souvenir production etc. In this sense, the pomegranate tree; It is used for such purposes as industrial, commercial, medical etc. with its fruit, flowers, seeds, membrane, oil, water and shells in various mixtures. Pomegranate is kept alive with its symbolic meaning and extraordinary properties in dream interpretation, folk narratives and beliefs. Mythologies are pure energy source that feeds our lives, is drawn the map of a symbolic way to the desire to return to the origin of man. Pomegranate that is addressed in the kind of narratives especially in tales that is fragmented of mythology, folk tales, lullabies, riddles etc. are experienced the effects of various periods with mythological symbols. In the texts that we have detected, emerges with features such as symbol of power and beauty, abundance and fertility, life sacred trees / tree of knowledge, the evil eye symbol and having the features of offspring. In this study, starting from the collective production place in our traditions of pomegranate and symbolic meaning that we encounter in the narrative, will be analyzed using scientific methods. Thus accompanied by a century of history, cultural heritage and the experience we will try to identify the desired messages to be given to mankind, the common values of universal culture by coding symbols.

Mythology, pomegranates, symbols, archetypes, universal culture

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