Writing A Folk Tale
Subject of this article is experience of writing a tale with six undergraduate students of EDB 411 and 412 Turkology Studies (group B) course at 2012-13 academic year. Started question of this experience is “Is it possible that to write a tale by following the basic structure of traditional tale and the principles of creative writer?” Aim of the article is to prove, who wants to write a fiction text, that the importance of reading traditional literature as an attempt to write and also utilizing form features of it. The paper consists of four sections: In the first section is given brief information on structure of traditional tale by Holbek and Lüthi. In the second section is listed some of the recommendation that suggested to candidate of contemporary creative writer. In the third section is determined intersection and separation in the style of both writing traditions. In the final section is told that experience of writing a tale with student and summarized the tales of four students by five move system of Holbek. In the end of the article, effects of this experience is emphasized as the follow: The students who experienced creative writer have been indisputably a satisfying feeling and self-confidence. Although someone has morphology, vocabulary, grammar, reading habits, imagination, sense and power of reflection of these knowledge, he/she probably will not be became a writer ever. Before having all these knowledge, someone should has talent and writing skills.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Folk Tale, Creative Writer, Traditional Narrator