Special education policies are an education policy supported by many countries around the World. As part of this policy, it has been accepted over time that students requiring special education will benefit from inclusion practices. In this process, non-governmental organizations and scientists took action when there were a number of educational and behavioral requirements for student with special needs (SWSN) placed in general education classroom. As a result of the research, the first support special education service was started to be applied by raising the resource room (RR). Although the RR service has been applied remove SWSN from classroom, co-teaching has taken its place in schools as the second support special education service. As an alternative to both support special education service and special education counseling services have started to be offered in schools. In this study, the studies in the lüterature were reviewed by descriptive method. The aim of this study is to explain in detail these three support special education services mentioned in the field. Although the origins of the RR and co-teaching dates back to the 1950s, RR has recently started to be implemented in Turkey. For this reason, it is important to transfer each of the support special education services in detail. Criticism of these services has led to emergence of the other support special education service. All services are offered by special education teachers. The requirements of the SWSN for the provision of these services are determined. RR is the only type of service implemented in Turkey. In this service, rather than special education teachers, classroom teachers, teachers who receive certificates are assigned. Also a number of defiviencies in RR are reported by researchers. It is observed that only scienctific studies related to teaching are carried out in co-teaching. It is seen that the special education counseling is generally offered by guidance teachers. As a result, it is proposed to increase scientific studies for support special education services and to provide these services by special eduaction teachers.


inclusion practices, resource room, special education counseling, co-teaching, support special education service