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The meaning attributed to the term “human” has been varying since the ancient times. While the ancient Greek philosophers were considering human as the criterion for everything, this understanding was reduced to the belief that human could only be happy in the after death life by the Medieval European people. Only in the14th century in Italy did the human who was the servant for the God begin to discuss his individual power through the humanism, which emerged as a literary movement. In the 13th century, there is an emphasis on the importance of human in the Sufism, which arose, in the Turkish Islamic tradition. This approach indicates that the ancient Greek cultural heritage was adopted not only by the Europeans but also by the Islam. Its most outstanding representative is Mevlana who considers human to be the highest value and embraces the whole humanity. After the foundation of Turkish Republic, the scholars tried to praise Anatolian Humanism relying on the view that all the cultures in Anatolia belong to us. The ideas of Mevlana and M.K.Ataturk’s words, “Peace at home peace in the world” might contribute

Anatolia, humanism, Mevlana

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