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Article aims to overcome with integrity of its study, the subjectivity of art and objectivity of science, on which the opposition of fields of literature and social science is based respectively. In natural setup, literary narrative and social scientific theory can provide the contradiction. In the article, contrary to the natural setup, narration is taken from the field of social science and the theory is extracted from the area of literature, in order to deepen and validate the contradiction. Thus, it is aimed to expand the borders of literature limited with literary work and to eliminate descriptive differences in social science based on philosophical temperaments. In the study, narration in social science is obtained from Gramsci's Prison Notebooks by experimenting for a depiction of education crisis in the society over the concept of hegemony. Related narrative is separated into functions using the methodology taken from the field of literature and based on Goethe's The Metamorphosis of Plants and Propp's Morphology of the Folktale works. Functions in morphological method constitute invariant, necessary, permanent values of the living or inanimate things. The area outside the functions is abstracted as the variable, random, temporary value. The narration in the focus of article is primarily associated with methodical tool, which enables the concept of hegemony to be leveled up to the notion of social education. Afterwards, reading Gramsci's notes with a lens of social education, the narration on crisis is established stage by stage. With respect to the application of the method on the narrative, education crisis at hand is presented with symbolic sequence of simplified and abstracted functions. Detected functions give the key to reach historical evidence in future studies. The keychain encapsulating all the functions set up a formula for long-term crisis of social education based on comprehensive social change and struggle.

Sociology of literature, education, hegemony, morphology, Gramsci.

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