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When Sinop was founded by the the people Miletos, it became the main colony in the Southern Black Sea. Many wrecks dating from the Antiquity to the present day are present under water around Sinop and a new wreck can be discovered every day. Some of the submerged wrecks can be dived with SCUBA, however, the sheet metal shipwrecks on the shores of Sinop are particularly attractive for those who want to dive deep underwater. The dives in the shallow waters from 40 meters described in this article were made with SCUBA system. Dives that are deeper than 40 meters are carried out with mixed gas trimix equipment. These wrecks are at the ideal depth for diving tourism with technical diving, ie diving with mixed gas trimix equipment and the wrecks are in perfect condition. Diving with trained guide divers will be a protective feature for some of our underwater cultural elements, since it is easy to determine whether there are any losses when compared to the previous day, by the controlled photographed and videos taken each day. The protected area on the Sinop coast and the prohibition of sportive diving practices have caused more destruction than preserving our underwater cultural heritage. Some submerged wrecks, which may be damaged by divings, must immediately be underwater excavations done then exhibiting them in the museum will be accurate and this will add value to Sinop tourism.

Sunken Wrecks, Diving Tourism, Underwater Cultural Heritage, Sinop Harbor

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