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The aim of this research is to investigate the effect of signaling principles on the solution of paragraph questions. It is aimed to improve the skills of fourth grade students of Yozgat Bozok University Faculty of Education class teacher program to solve paragraph questions. In addition, it is aimed to examine the effect of signaling principles on the solution of paragraph questions. In this way, it is aimed to increase the success of the students who will take the Public Personnel Selection Exam. It is thought that the research results will be beneficial for the researchers working in the field of reading. In addition, it is expected to contribute to the researchers working in the field of Turkish teaching. The research is in experimental design with pre-test post-test control group which is one of the quantitative research methods. The population of the study consists of 150 prospective teachers who are studying in the last year of the Basic Education Department of Yozgat Bozok University Faculty of Education. The sample of the study consists of 55 students in the last year of primary school teacher education program. The experimental group consisted of 28 students and the control group consisted of 27 students. A paragraph test was created as a data collection tool. The experimental process was carried out on 04-29 March 2019 for a period of four weeks. The content of instruction prepared on the basis of signaling principle was applied. The test applied in the pre-test stage was used as the post-test. SPSS program was used for data analysis. Arithmetic mean, standard deviation and t-test were used for data analysis. As a result of this study, it was concluded that there was no significant difference between the experimental and control groups according to the posttest test scores. In addition, it was found that the experimental group did not show any significant difference according to the paragraph test pre-test and post-test scores. Within the scope of the research results, makes the following recommendations: The principle of signaling can be studied at primary and secondary level. With the researches, the solution of paragraph questions based on the signaling principle can be realized on the screen.

Signaling principle, paragraph question, reading.

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