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A graphic design product, typographic elements, photos, pictures, shapes, etc. the design consists of one, several, or all of the apples. The design process is determined by the customer's individual or collective preferences. The main element to be considered when determining design preferences is that the recipient can easily receive the message as a communication tool. In other words, according to the light ratio of the environment, all of the design elements to be seen and the message as a whole is perceived. The originality and aesthetic dimension of graphic design work comes after visual perception. If design elements cannot be seen under normal conditions or the message cannot be perceived as design, it will be meaningless to mention their artistic value because the work does not meet the expected purpose. In the design process, design elements need to be arranged in a hierarchical structure according to the message to be given. The priority belongs to the desired design element. In this hierarchical arrangement, it is not easy to determine the preferences that each design element deserves. It requires both design knowledge and special conditions of study. In recent years, the increasing variety of advertising products in the outside advertising product group in the vehicle and building dress ads have an important place. With its dynamic structure, it has the opportunity to reach many different audiences. For this reason, both company vehicles and public transport vehicles are very popular advertising tool. To meet the expected purpose of this advertising tool, especially the size of visual perception needs to be very careful. In this article, we tried to evaluate the random samples of the hierarchical preferences in car dress ads in our country and outside our country in terms of visual perception.

Graphic design, visual hierarchy, visual perception, car advertising

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