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Since his existence, man mostly have seeked 'the best', 'the most beautiful', come up with novel ideas established on such notions as utopia, ideal, excellence, target and developed various belief systems although they have always contaminated the good or improved the evil. Muslim thinkers wrote many moral and advisory works so that humanity remain as pure as he was created in the best way and become the perfect human being. Sa‘dî's Gülistân is one of such works from the Persian literature. Written by Sa‘dî, in the name of Sa'd II the sucessor of Ebûbekr bin Sa‘d bin Zengî in Persian in 1258, Gülistân has always been a benefitted work in almost all world literatures as well as the Turkish literature. Comprising an introduction and eight sections, the work is concluded with a conclusion part. Containing short stories concerning nature of rulers, morality of the ons devoted their lives to Islam, superiority of conviction, benefits of silencei love and youth, senesence and discipline is one of the best examples of advisory works. Being used as a textbookdesgned to teach Persian literature at Islamic colleges till the beginning of the 20th century and a moral work, Gülistân tells about many issues as to the ideal person. In this study, all the sections telling what kind of a peorson a ruler and his subjects, the poor, the rich, the young, the old, a neighbour, a companion, an enemy , a father, a mother and a child, namely a human being should be have been analyzed and the value system Islam and eastern societies have built on the ideal of a perfect human being has been suggested for today's world.

Sa‘dî, Gülistân, ideal human, perfect human, values education.

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