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The objective of this study is to analyze landslide susceptibility of Adaklı District (Bingöl). Adaklı is located in the intersection area of Sancak-Uzunpazar (Uzunpınar) Fault Zone and faults developed parallel to North Anatolian Fault (NAF). Throughout the district fault scarps have been formed over long distances due to fault movements. Large-scale landslides have occurred along the fault scarps with high slope value. Along with the fault movement, suitable lithological structure and climatic characteristics also have an effect on the occurrence of landslide. Landslides occurring due to geological, geomorphological and climatic characteristics of Adaklı District caused loss of life and property in the past. In this study, areas susceptible to landslide in Adaklı District have been determined by ‘‘Landslide Susceptibility Analysis”, which is one of the statistical analysis methods of bivariate. Geological and topographical maps and Landsat 8 satellite images have been used as data. Lithology, distance to fault line, slope, aspect, elevation, curvature, topographic wetness index, distance to river and vegetation (NDVI) layers have been used in the analysis. Layers that have an effect on landslide have been divided into sub-groups, and total numbers of sub-groups and their pixel numbers with landslide have been determined using zonal statistics. Using these data, weight values of subgroups have been obtained. Weight values have been assigned to layers and landslide susceptibility map has been created by collecting these layers. According to the result map, the percentage of the areas with medium susceptibility is 14 % and areas with high and very high susceptibility account for 8 %. Areas insusceptible to landslide account for 55% whereas areas with very low susceptibility account for 23%. However, a large number of the settlements in Adaklı District are located in the high and very high susceptible areas. Adaklı, Hasbağlar, Gökçeli, Çanakçı, Kozlu, Erbaşlar are settlements located in high susceptible areas. Considering the tectonic structure of the area, occurrences of landslides triggered by earthquakes are inevitable. For this reason, new settlements must not be allowed in the areas under the risk of landslide, and drainage channels should be done in the region between Gökçeli and Çanakçı in Gökçeli Valley.

Bingöl, Adaklı, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Landslide Susceptibility Analysis

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