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Article Pubalication Charges

It requires to send 300 TRY (90 USD) for the articles which are submitted to the journal. The process of the reviewer and the pre-evaluation of the articles whose charges have not been paid will not be started. In the case of the article’s being reported negatively by the reviewers or being withdrawn of it by the author, 150 TRY (45 USD) will be paid back. It is necessary to write article ID no and the name and the surname of the first author in the explanation section of the article’s charge.  Please send an informative mail to avrasyadergisi@gmail.com after you have paid the article charge.

Article Submission Charges is 300 TRY / 90 USD



Yeşiltepe Ankara Branch, TURKEY

Account no: 4220-0860290

IBAN: TR39 0006 4000 0014 2200 8602 90

Ayşe Burcu ULUSOY

Ulusoy Education Consultant Publishing Organisation

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Email :avrasyadergisi@gmail.com

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